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Porsche 991 GT3 / 911R / GT2 RS Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic Rotors

Porsche 991 GT3 / 911R / GT2 RS Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic Rotors

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Enjoy all of the benefits of carbon ceramic rotors and use them hard at the track at a much more cost-effective price point.

+ Fits Porsche 991.1 / 991.2 GT3 / GT3 RS and 991.2 GT2 RS vehicles with PCCB rotors

KIT CONTENTS: Two brake discs, caliper bolts, and spacers



Carbon ceramic brakes have always been a love-hate relationship in the track day community. They offer many benefits over cast iron brakes with the only real drawback being the replacement costs, even though they typically last significantly longer than cast iron rotors. The end result is track enthusiasts pursuing cast iron brake rotor conversions or spec’ing their cars with cast iron rotors, in the process giving up both braking performance and handling. We offer an alternative solution through ST’s innovative technology, where you can get all the benefits listed below of the ST carbon ceramic rotors and at a much more cost-effective price point.

  • Refurbishable multiple times with an average expected lifespan of roughly 12-15k track miles with refurbishments
  • Better braking performance over PCCB’s and cast iron rotors
  • Significant improvement in brake modulation over PCCB’s – better trail braking
  • Option to run a much more aggressive pad for track applications versus PCCB’s
  • Approximately 50% less expensive than PCCB rotor replacements
  • Average expected life between refurbishments of 4 to 5 thousand track miles
  • Refurbishment of a complete ST rotor set costs less than the equivalent cast iron rotor replacements
  • Significant reduction in brake pad wear compared to the PCCB rotors
  • Operating temperatures approximately 200 degrees lower than PCCBs
  • 50% less unsprung weight compared to the equivalent GT3/GT4 cast iron brake rotors
  • Minimal brake dust compared to cast iron rotors for street use

MATERIAL:  The carbon-ceramic discs you find on production road cars conventionally use discontinuous (chopped) carbon fibre, ST interweaves continuous carbon fibre to form a 3D multi-directional matrix, producing a stronger and more durable product with 3x the heat conductivity of standard production components, this keeps the brake system temperature down and the brake performance consistent.

ABOUT SURFACE TRANSFORMS:  Surface Transforms is a highly innovative company, with its own patented materials technology and a team of PhD-qualified scientists and degree-qualified engineers who are continually developing new processes for the production of carbon-ceramic materials and new products for various applications. Surface Transforms uses a unique, patented process to produce their next generation carbon-ceramic material. This process delivers the numerous advantages of the CCST material and our stringent quality standards ensure top-quality brake discs.

SHIPPING:  Usually ships same or next business day. Contact us for expedited orders to ensure proper delivery time.

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