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Porsche 992 Turbo M-Engineering OBD2 ECU Tune

Porsche 992 Turbo M-Engineering OBD2 ECU Tune

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Unlock extra power and increased response on your 992 Turbo with an M-Engineering ECU Tune and do it easily through your OBD2 port without removing your ECU! Safely enhance the enjoyment of your vehicle with no drawbacks. Make the most out of your SOUL performance upgrades through software optimization. Enjoy additional features including the ability to read and clear faults, datalog, view live data, and flash back to stock at your convenience.





  • Increased throttle response, power, and driving satisfaction
  • Dial in your car after aftermarket modifications
  • Option to have full manual control over the variable factory valves (fully open valves with PSE activated)
  • Read and clear faults, datalog, view live data
  • Soul Performance Products vets our tuners to ensure the tunes are effective in increasing power without being too aggressive – putting your engine at risk
  • Allows you to revert back to the stock map quickly – and switch back to the tune file just as quickly


Stage Hardware Requirements and Results

  • Stage1 – Designed for a stock vehicle with or without aftermarket air filters


  • Stage2 – Designed for a vehicle with aftermarket exhaust components



M-Engineering’s OBD2 dongle is an effective way to upload tunes to your car through their software. With the dongle connected to your car, the software is able to read your ECU and that information combined with your octane of preference and mod list helps M-Engineering deliver the best results.

What octane are these tunes compatible with?
Files are tuned accordingly to your preference.

If I add an exhaust or intake, do I need to reflash my car?
No.  Each individual table is tuned. Unlike others that do a global change to files, M-Engineering enables the ECU to adapt to basic bolt-on modifications like exhaust, intake, headers, etc. The only time you need to re-reflash your vehicle is when you change fuel components, turbo sizes, or engine internals, etc. Pro-Tunes are available for your heavily modified vehicle.

How does the full valve control operation work?
The factory valves are electronically controlled and have a variable range of motion unlike traditional full open / full closed valves. Even with PSE activated the valves can fluctuate anywhere between open and closed. This option allows for full manual control to force the valves open during PSE mode by request.

ABOUT M-ENGINEERING: M Engineering has over 15 years of engine and transmission calibration experience. Mitch has contributed calibrations to multiple high caliber, championship winning teams over a wide variety of racing disciplines, including road racing, drag racing, hill climbs, rally racing, and drifting. As a reverse engineer, Mitch was the lead on a project that was responsible for bringing Porsche aftermarket engine and transmission tuning to the mass market.  Mitch has also consulted with multiple OEM part manufacturers for various products.  Jon has just under a decade of experience calibrating many different platforms in motorsport, R&D, and high-volume retail settings. Over the years Jon has developed a high level of understanding in European, Japanese, and American OEM engine and transmission control strategies. He has grown to specialize mainly in European engine and Dual-Clutch Transmission calibration.  Jon was responsible for most Porsche engine, Porsche PDK, & Ford calibrations used widely in the aftermarket on popular flashing devices.


  • Each tune is paired with your specific vehicle through a license key and can only be used on one vehicle.
  • Have any questions? Concerns? Contact us at any time to discuss upgrading your vehicle.
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